Ice Wave GmbH & Co. KG – Ice Wave

Ice Wave is a German-Israeli Consulting Unit formed by entrepreneurs from Israel
and Germany

ICEWAVE and it´s partners have special expertise in consulting German/Israeli business units. To apply this expertise, Icewave established a business- network, which provides consulting services for Israeli HighTech companies looking to expand their international business. This platform also serves as a contact point between German entrepreneurs and investors and the Israeli HighTech community

The company is headquartered in Munich/Germany with representative offices in Tel Aviv/Israel and Düsseldorf/Germany.


Ice Wave provides:

  • consulting services for Israeli companies going international
  • Consulting for German companies looking for partners & innovation in Israel
  • immediate infrastructure & presence in Germany and the EU
    strong connections to the US market if needed
  • initial corporate structure and office set-up in the EU for market entry
    business partners & sales force
  • connections to investment and financing companies
    advice on government grants
  • development of business plan
  • ongoing networking

Founding partners

OneBridgehouse is an innovative and experienced international business advisory firm that mainly focuses on the international expansion (Europe, Germany, USA) of mid-size companies.

Oppenheimer International Marketing PIM is an Israeli agency for international marketing under the competentleadership of owner Joram Oppenheimer. It specializes in supporting Israeli companies during their expansion into the DACH region (Germany, Austria, and Switzerland) and into Indonesia

Rückel & Collegen is a German based law firm with offices in Munich, Düsseldorf, Milan (Italy) and Atlanta (USA) providing legal and consulting services for entrepreneurs and companies expanding their business internationally


Dr. Christoph Rückel
Dr. Christoph Rückel
Dr. Christoph Rueckel has practiced law for over 30 years, with 20 years of experience in the US focusing on German/European-American business and international business transactions.

Christoph Rückel is living in Munich/Germany.

Dr. Stefan Lode
Dr. Stefan Lode
Dr. Lode was attorney at law with International and US law firms and practiced corporate law with a focus on international business. He also spent 8 years as an Executive in major international Media Companies.

Stefan Lode is located in Düsseldorf/Germany.

Joram Oppenheimer
Joram Oppenheimer
Joram Oppenheimer is an international business consultant supporting Tec Companies from Israel to enter the European Market; he has a broad network in the area of IT, Cyber Security, life Sience et al in Israel, Germany and the US.

Joram Oppenheimer is running the Representative office in Tel Aviv/Israel.

Anton Klees
Anton Klees
Anton Klees is an Internet entrepreneur with more than 20 years of experience as founder and MD, business strategist, angel investor, operating between Germany and the US. He is founder & shareholder of active value GmbH, one of the leading German Internet agencies.

Anton is member of the OneBridgehouse Advisory Board and so he is advising the Ice Wave Founding partner in all start up related matters .

Market Entry

We hold the plan for your success step-by-step:

STEP 1 & 2

Market Entry Advisory

Market Entry Analysis & Consulting Services


Business Setup

Setup of Legal Entity
Low Corporate Taxes
Selected Office Locations


Operations & Interim Management

Interim Operations and Sales Management
All Accounting, Tax & Personnel Functions covered


Growth & Transition

Transition Services to Steady State and Growth Operations